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We offer a wide range of pest control services to clients throughout the Lower Rio Grande Valley area. We have the experience needed to handle any pest control job!

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A2Z Termite & Pest Control

Founded on over thirty years of experience, A 2 Z Termite and Pest Control is committed to providing quality customer service and excellent results. Serving the lower Rio Grande Valley, our company is dedicated to offering solutions for all of your pest control needs. With great prices and quality service, we guarantee you will be satisfied with our work. With treatments that are Environmental Protection Agency rated and approved, you and your family can be sure that we will eliminate your pest problems. Ulitimately, our goal at A 2 Z is to ensure our customer satisfaction by providing excellent rates, with guaranteed services. Call today to schedule your free estimate and/or appointment.

Why Choose Us

At A 2 Z Termite and Pest Control, we offer monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, and once a year clean out and maintenance treatments, for commercial and residential facilities. The material that we use provides excellent quality results that you will be satisfied with.

"We, at A2Z Termite and Pest Control take pride in treating your home or business as if it were our own."

Santana Lucio III - Owner


"We researched 5 pest control companies to decide which was the best option. All five came out and we found A2Z to be head and shoulders above the rest. From the initial appointment to assess our needs and to get an estimate, Mr. Lucio was by far the most professional.They took the time to work carefully, very cleanly and paying attention to detail. Their work is excellent. I rarely take the time to recommend any business but clearly his company is very deserving. I am very pleased with the choice we made." 5*

Sara R. - Customer

"World class service from a highly qualified and experienced professional!" 5*

Viviano S. - Customer

"I called this company based on the online reviews and we were not disappointed. We received excellent service. I highly recommend this company to anyone who is experiencing any type of pest problems. Mr. Lucio was very informative and precise in his work. Definitely will be our go to pest control service from now on." 5*

Maria H. - Customer

"Fantastic customer service, very friendly, gets the job done well. He's a professional, better then what I have delt with in the past in a long run. I highly recommend this man and his services." 5*

Austin S. - Customer

Commercial & Residential

Commercial Termite And Pest Control

commercial brownsville texas

It is our pleasure to serve places of business, such as restaurants, hospitals, schools, warehouses, office buildings, apartments, and other industries.

Residential Termite And Pest Control

residential brownsville texas

A 2 Z Termite And Pest Control offers its customers the most effective pest solutions. Providing free estimates, Mr. Santana Lucio will fully inspect your home and inform you of what service(s) you may need. Our Commercial Certified Applicator arrives on the site fully equipped and ready to treat your home as if it were his own.

Pest Control Service

A 2 Z provides its clients in Brownsville, Texas and the lower RGV with excellent termite and pest control. No job is too hard to handle for our Commercial Certified Applicator.

Here are some pests! That we put to rest!


ants brownsville tx

Whether you are having problems with ants outside of the home or inside, we can guarantee we will get rid of them. Our effective treatments are able to eliminate all ant problems. With nests that can be found outside or inside the home, ants can be a true nuisance and cause harmful bites to you or your children. Often confused with termites, carpenter ants can be found within the home and cause damage. In order to completely eliminate these pests, it is necessary to use material that will target the root problem. The key to succeeding in eliminating these pests is to find their exact location, which we are trained for. Our professional commercial certified applicator is able to localize and eliminate this problem so that you are able to rest easy.

Fleas / Ticks

ticks flea

Pets are wonderful and often become a special part of our family. However, fleas and ticks arrive uninvited and can harm the pet or loved ones. Thus, it is necessary to protect our pets and loved ones from these terrible insects. Fleas and ticks love to thrive off of blood and can often bite children or adults, as well. The most important thing to consider is that fleas and ticks are known for carrying certain diseases, such as Lyme Disease, which can be potentially fatal. Since it is so warm in our area, this provides the perfect environment for fleas and ticks to sustain themselves. However, our Commercial Certified Applicators are trained to aggressively attack the problem, leading fleas and ticks to be completely eradicated.

Home Flies

home fly

Many people consider flies as the most annoying pest of all time! This may be true, but there is something else to consider. Flies love to dwell on waste and then go onto our food, leaving bacteria, which can be extremely harmful to us. Our Commercial Certified Applicators will setup a device that is known to get rid of this problem, guaranteed.




Spiders / Scorpions

spider scorpion texas

Spiders and scorpions are of the Arthropod family. Unlike insects that have six legs, spiders and scorpions have eight. They enter our homes through windows and under doors. Although they do not intentionally harm us, spiders and scorpions can sometimes pose threats to our families, in particular, to small children and the elderly. Specifically, brown recluses and black widows, which heavily populate our area, can potentially cause harm, which can even sometimes be fatal.



Cockroaches are known to carry bacteria, which can cause stomach complications. Heavy infestations of cockroaches’ molting and fecal materials become airborne and have been known to cause breathing difficulties, as well; they will proceed to go into cereal boxes, sugar, and other household food items, leading many people to become ill. We strategically treat your home, completely eliminating your pest problem.

Roaches and Asthma: Lessons to be Learned.

The Truth about Cockroaches and Health.

Rats / Mice

Rodents Rodents

An interesting fact about rats and mice is that their teeth never stop growing. This can cause extensive damage and danger to the home. Often, rats and mice are found in the attic, where a lot of the home’s wiring is. If a rat or mouse chews on these wires, then there is the potential for them to start a fire, posing a great threat to the family. They are also known disease vectors because they carry fleas. Please click on these links for more informations.




Rat-bite fever.

Since rodents can be potentially fatal to our health, it is important that you call a certified commercial applicator if you suspect that you are having problems with rats/mice.

Termite Inspection Service

Subterranean Termites

Subterranean termites build their colonies underground and travel upwards towards the home and gain entry through any opening that is 1/18th of an inch or bigger. For example, they can be found in bath traps, expansion joints, and stress cracks. The telltale signs of having subterranean termite infestation are: mud caps, keeping the termite moisturized and protected, can be found on the interior walls, as well as mud tubes on the perimeter of the foundation. Also, winged alates, commonly referred to as “flying ants” inside or outside the home, can be seen by the homeowner. Unlike termites, ants have three body parts: the head, thorax, and abdomen. Termites, on the other hand, have two body parts: the head and abdomen. However, it is best to call a commercial certified applicator and have them inspect the home for you.


Due to the variability of temperatures and lack of rain and moisture in our area, subterranean termite alates do not swarm as often in the spring months as they do in the winter due to ground temperature being cooler and rainfall.

subterranean termite alates

(subterranean termite alates)

Subterranean Termites Mud Cap And Mud Tube

(Subterranean Termites Mud Cap And Mud Tube)

Formosan Termites

Formosan termites live inside the walls of the home, where they can find a water source. One way to identify these termites is by noting when they swarm out of openings in the home. Usually, they can be found by doors or windows because they are attracted to the light.

Drywood Termites

(Drywood Termites)

Unlike Subterranean and Formosan termites, drywood termites only need the moisture found in wood. One of the telltale signs of drywood termites is the fecal pellets that they extract from their gallies to clean house, commonly referred to as salt and pepper because some of the pellets are light and some are dark. The reason for that is that they extract every minute amount of moisture from the wood.

Drywood Termite Fecal Pellets

(Drywood Termite Fecal Pellets)

We can help solve your termite infestation by doing localized treatments and also recommending the removal of infested wood. Our specialized wood preservative treatments will help protect against all wood destroying insects, including termites and fungus.

Carpenter ants

Carpenter ants do not eat wood like Subterranean, Formosan, and Drywood termites. However, they do cause damage by foraging through and creating tunnels in the wood, thereby weakening it. The telltale signs of having a carpenter ant infestation are that they swarm out towards light fixtures and carpenter ant frass.

Carpenter ants

If you suspect that you have a termite or a carpenter ant infestation, let us know, and we will have a skilled commercial certified applicator go to your home and help you identify your problem, providing a free estimate.


Here at A 2 Z Termite And Pest Control, we use the latest and most innovative materials. These products employ the power of science in order to deliver excellent results. When following the manufacture’s label, pets and children are protected from any potential harm. Because our products are Environmental Protection Agency approved and are applied by a Certified Commercial Applicator, you and your loved ones can be confident, knowing that you are receiving the best possible pest solutions.

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